Directory Structures

NOvA DAQ Software

The DAQ software is distributed with SRT (SoftRelTools).

  • The main distribution in use is the Base Release, located in
  • The test release lives in
    It currently serves two purpose:
    1. DAQOperationsTools, which contains scripts and utilities used to control the active software environment, and drive the DAQ system
    2. minor fixes and updates when running in a quasi-development mode.

UPS Products

External products are distributed with UPS (Universal Product Service). They live in

Operations Scripts

Scripts in the package DAQOperationsTools define the DAQ software environment and control the running of applications. This includes the "" script, which is used by the shell function "setup_online". Most files in this directory are links:
  • bin: link to the test release bin directory
  • various scripts: links to DAQOperationsTools package in the test release


XML files used/generated by NovaDAQConfiguration live in

Log files

Log files produced by DAQ Applications live in


  • DCS mode data live in
  • Pedestal data (DSO mode) live in