Cron jobs on the DAQ cluster

Since there are a lot of machines in the DAQ cluster, it would be nice to control all cron jobs in the cluster and easily add/remove new jobs.
The DAQ software package

Please do not add cron jobs by means other than through this package. Your job may be removed without a notice.
If you need to add a cron job, please contact Denis Perevalov.

The config directory contains all configuration files.
There, NovaDAQConfig.xml contains all current DAQ machines.
NovaDAQCrontabConfig.xml has all crontabs for the DAQ machines.

To execute script one needs to provide both xml files. So, one can execute the following script from any DAQ machine:

novadaqcrontab -d NovaDAQConfig.xml -c NovaDAQCrontabConfig.xml

One has to be the user root to execute this script.