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h1. Where to Find Graphics for NOvA Public Presentations

* "NOvA Photos, Graphics and Videos": webpage. The Google Earth Image of the detector locations is here.
* "NOvA Official Plots and Figures": Figures":
* "Fermilab Visual Media Services Online Image Search": For instance, the often-used fisheye photograph of Tricia working on the NDOS is Image No. "11-0124-20D":
* The "Far Detector Shutterfly": site is accesible by the standard NOvA password.
* Some photographs of blocks in place at the Far Detector can be found at "NOvA-doc-8284":
* The NOvA logo can be found in solid color in "NOvA-doc-7837": and in full color format on Slide 4 of "NOvA-doc-247":
* "NOvA Twitter Feed":
* "Our Facebook Page":
* "Live Web Cameras at the Far Detector":
* As a last resort, one can lift images from other "public presentations":, but it is a good idea to ask the author for original files whenever possible and permission whenever necessary.