*!!! This is the old location, any revisions should be to the new version Finding Monte Carlo files at FNAL)

Finding Monte Carlo files at FNAL

The Monte Carlo files are all located in the


directory. That directory contains subdirectories for each software release used to produce Monte Carlo files, ie

  • S09.09.19
  • S10.01.13

Each release directory has subdirectories for the type of generator used, ie

  • cosmics
  • genie
  • singlep
  • singlenu

The generators are explained in the first three sections of Running NOvA Simulations.
For current MC production version the 'ntuple' option was used in the Genie simulation (possibly will change it to simple).

Each generator directory has a subdirectory for the detector geometry used, ie

  • ndos
  • nd
  • fd

Filenames follow the convention


where <nspills> is the number of spills produced for a given file. The default POT/spill for the genie files is 50e12, although the Header objects in the file should eventually contain all parameter settings for a given file.

singlep represents 2 GeV particles generated at X=Y=0, Z=2m, isotropic. File names have an additional <particle> field:


where the following particles are defined:
  • mum (muon)
  • mup (anti-muon)
  • em (electron)
  • ep (positron)
  • pip (pi plus)
  • pim (pi minus)
  • pi0 (neutral pion)
  • gamma (gamma)
  • proton (proton)
singlenu directory contains single neutrino interactions. Each event in the file is a particular neutrino interaction for a particular type of neutrino. The types of neutrinos are: nue, nuebar, numu and numubar. The types of neutrino interactions are:
  • ccqe - charged current quasi-elastic
  • nce - neutral current elastic
  • cc - all charged current interactions
  • nc - all neutral current interactions
Also, there are a couple of useful subdirectories:
  • mccheckout
  • log

mccheckout contains the output of MCCheckOut package run on the MC files, which has useful histograms on the MC generation.
log directory contains the log files of the MC production run.

genie directory contains neutrino interactions. Each event in the ndos and nd files is based on a beam spill with 5.e13 protons on target (POT). Each event in the far detector is a single neutrino interaction. Genie file names have the following convention:

sim_genie_<horn polarity>_<genie method>_swapping_<swapping method>_<detector>_<nspills>_<nrun>.root

  • horn polarity can be nhc (normal horn current) or rhc (reverse horn current)
  • genie method is the method which was used to generate files. Its one of the following: simple (simple flux), histogram (flux histograms).
  • swapping method indicates whether the nue and numu flux swapping has been used. It is either none or swap