Trimming and revamping BPF in the CAFs


Taken from Michael's presentation to the reco group on 10/24/18 ( docDB 33740 ). The general idea is to trim out things from CAF and production that are either old or repeated information for BPF.

Tasks and when to do them:

These are the tasks keyed to the slides in the above presentation.

  1. Remove BPF fro SRTrackBranch and associated code in CAFMaker (slide 3).
  2. Remove BpfId from sr->see branch and code in CAFMaker... (slide 4).
  3. Leave BpfEnergy for now (doesn't take up much space and will be filled with other things prior to prod5) (slide 5).

All of the above can be done now (I think...) without breaking existing code in development PROVIDED no one is using the information in those branches. Whomever does this should try it now in a test release and then just run any macro to see if it breaks.

  1. Change the structure of SRBpfTrack and code in CAFMaker... (slide 6). Don't remove pdg, but do remove pid.
  2. Fix everything broken because of the above point in Vars and Cuts and macros (and help others fix their stuff...) While I'm at it, do a massive cleanup of vars and what not that we don't use anymore.
  3. Remove BPFPidMaker from production (slide 7). This will be as simple as removing it from the production fcls.

The above 2 will likely be breaking changes. They will need to wait until we cut the first prod5 branch to implement them.