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Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
06/08/2018 Michael Baird Design Task #16287: BPF energy root macro -> caf macro 72.00
01/31/2018 Michael Baird Design Bug #16276: Fixing the BPF tracker method of handeling tracks that end in dead material 48.00
01/31/2018 Michael Baird Design Task #16336: Develop a set of BPF and prong based containment cuts 24.00
01/31/2018 Michael Baird Analysis Bug #16351: Do an in-depth study into how BPF handles muon-catcher muons. 24.00
07/12/2017 Michael Baird Deployment Task #16278: Add a BPFAna module to the RecoValidation package 12.00
06/12/2017 Michael Baird Implementation Feature #16285: Add more materials into the BPF dEdx tables. Going to call this one done. 2.00
05/09/2017 Michael Baird Design Feature #16282: "Stage 2" of BPF energy development - make it all official new CAF variables for BPFEnergy 0.00
04/28/2017 Michael Baird Deployment Task #16277: FIX the BPF dE/dx tables to agree with geant wrote a macro to format the output nicely for easy copying and pasting. 1.00
04/27/2017 Michael Baird Analysis Bug #16275: Correct BPF muon E estimate for ND muon-catcher muons at the CAF level corrected for now, but still more investigation needs to be done 24.00

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