• NOvA experiment project and repository

This version of the NOvA software is experimental. It uses svn+cmt for installation. The repositories are not guaranteed to be synchronized. The default for the moment is the cvs repository .

Subversion read-only access:
Subversion read/write access:
  • To obtain the write permission:
    1) Log onto redmine with your Services Account
    2) Let me know when you are online
    3) I will add you as a developer
  • To install the offline software:
       shell> novasvnurl=svn+ssh://
       shell> svn export $novasvnurl/installation/trunk/novainst/novainst
       shell> ./novainst trunk all
    • You can download this wrapper for bash and csh to the directory where you want to install the offline software, then
         shell> ./ trunk all
    • In case you have problems checking out novainst with svn under csh as reported by #136, you can download here the novainst script to the directory where you want to install the offline software, then:
         shell> ./novainst trunk all
  • To use the software:
       shell> cd /path/to/nova-trunk
       shell> source setup.(c)sh
       shell> cd novafmwk/novaRelease/cmt
       shell> source setup.(c)sh
       shell> ana [options]
  • Setup scripts
    1) Get a copy of setup_nova_fnal.csh or
    2) Change NOVAHOME to the correct path
       bash> source
       bash> setup_nova
       bash> ana [options]
       csh> source setup_nova_fnal.csh
       csh> ana [options]

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