Misc Requirements and Questions

IPv6 node registration needs to understand "addressing plan" and be flexible when that plan changes

SplitView DNS - deal with the concept that infoblox can show different answers to queries from different places (inside vs. outside the lab for example)

We need some consistent approaches to dealing with Virtual machines both enterprise and on end-user-systems

In future does 'retire' remove mac addresses?

In future does 'retire' require any actions by prep? if so which?

What is the interface between surplus warehouse & node registration? (to cause 'retire' of active systems arriving at surplus)

Does the MMR system link to NR in any way? (if you MMR a property number with a nodename to excess for instance)

Is there a linkage to cleanup licensing, support contracts, SCCM, Casper, OCSInventory when a system is 'retired'?

Are warranty claims in CMDB do they get added/edited in SNOW? (currently done in oracle forms)

Is ENHC0001496 still a problem (sounds like it is) does anyone understand the issue? Looks to me like it should not be canceled.