Meeting Minutes

Items that are done:

  • RITM0992600: Systems linked by serial number between MISCOMP and Sunflower where MISCOMP is missing a property tag. Assigned to Joy Miletic.
  • Monitor the every 5 minute sync up and running in fermiDEV (Felix, Tim) - done ENHC0005537 on release RLSE0002818 of 2020-08-06
  • Refresh fermiDEV from production (Monday 8/3 - also need to re-sync MISCOMP & zones) Lauri opening requests
  • Check Norman's snow_assets optimization results - done CHG000000017910
  • waiting on test infoblox sync from networking
  • Refresh MISTEST & nsdnstestgm from production
  • Coordination of MISTEST re-sync since May Chau () is working there... In private email with May I received this answer:
                      Based on a  brief explanation, the refresh should not give us the trouble. 
                      I will find out the effect after refresh. Please keep me in the loop when 
                      you are going to do the refresh. Thank you for letting me know.
  • CNAME 'move' form design (Lauri & Tim) - done 7/22/2020
  • JOSEPALOMINO-MAC-20200512 & PIXEL-20181207 were 'personal owned' and are retired, but still have permanent mac addrs, needs cleanup (John)