User interfaces
- list of web interfaces (no authentication/authorization)
- changes made here to system name & mac addresses are immediate
- changes made here to other fields are processed by Laura or Yolanda (work queue & email to )
- Laura/Yolanda best-effort to allow only shortlist of people to alter Accelerator Division IP address assignments
- Accelerator Network group CC'd on ALL emails as a backup check to the best-effort protection (uses SSO)
- changes made with this form are immediate (scriptable via CURL to do arbitrary SQL queries!)
- read only (I think) (production) (test) (integration)
- java based interface allows edits to fields not available in web forms - experts only allowed read/write accounts
- used by service desk to 'process' requests made on the node_registration.html page mentioned above
- read only account 'equipread' with well known password exists

Permissions vs. notifications

MISCOMP/EQUIPDB changes by end users are generally not authenticated/authorized, but instead email notifications are sent.