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Timothy Zingelman, 09/30/2020 11:17 AM

Fields and linkages

Hardware (Desktop/Laptop/Server/Printer/Mobile/etc.) [cmdb_ci_hardware]

Multiple tables inherit from this, but Node Registration needs to deal with this top level hardware table, as the classification of systems from EquipDB into CMDB tables like [cmdb_ci_server] is flawed, with many legitimate servers not getting into the [cmdb_ci_server] for instance.
At some point we'll need to have a way to migrate hardware to the proper tables.

"Most recent discovery" [last_discovered] vs. "Last detected" [u_last_detected] fields on Hardware

Last detected is from SCCM/Casper/OCS (checked in to central management & data collected)
Most recent discovery is NCIS for mac addresses the last seen on network date
Most recent discovery is InfoBlox for host records (last seen in an import) THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE TO NCIS

IP (Subnet) Network table [cmdb_ci_ip_network]

cmdb_ci_ip_network User group field is set to FL/AD for Accelerator Division general network subnets and set to FL/AD/ENG/CONTROLS for accelerator control system network subnets. [Should this be Support group rather than User group??]
(this is used in reporting now and should be used to determine node registration permissions in the future)

IP address [cmdb_ci_ip_address]

All the ip addresses are here. See [cmdb_ip_address_dns_name] for how they relate to other DNS things.
This table also relates an ip address to a subnet [cmdb_ci_ip_network] it is in.

A Record [u_cmdb_ci_dns_a_record]

Used for the rare A record without PTR record case (example:

Network Adapter [cmdb_ci_network_adapter]

Relates a MAC hardware address (sometimes called a Network Interface Card or NIC) with a a Hardware CI [cmdb_ci_hardware]

- Data from MISCOMP/EQUIPDB AND from InfoBlox AND from SCCM/Casper/OCS
- Registration Type field = Permanent that means it came from InfoBlox and this makes it 'stick' to the current CI, otherwise it can move if reported by SCCM/Casper/OCS
- If you run a report on table grouped by Registration type... there are two 'empty' groups! perhaps one set is blank and one is null?
- Pretty sure all Registration Type = Guest were deleted and not supposed to come back, but 623 exist currently! (Reference: DFCT0001375 & CHG000000010928)
- Status & Active fields are inconsistently set depending upon what touches the record (miscomp delete of mac addr leaves Status=Issued_to_User/Active=True) but maybe no one pays attention to these fields? **Update, the displayed active/status fields are on the related Hardware CI [cmdb_ci_hardware], NOT from the [cmdb_ci_hardware], but those fields do exist there too. (unused?)

IP Addresses [cmdb_ip_address_dns_name]

Relates an ip address [cmdb_ci_ip_address] to:
  • a host record [u_cmdb_ci_dns_host_record] or
  • an A record [u_cmdb_ci_dns_a_record] or
  • a AAAA record [u_cmdb_ci_dns_aaaa_record] or
  • a PTR record [u_cmdb_ci_dns_ptr_record]

Note that one cmdb_ci_ip_address can be associated with multiple other records via this table (example:

Host Record [u_cmdb_ci_dns_host_record]

Relates an InfoBlox Host record with a Hardware CI [cmdb_ci_hardware]

CNAMEs [u_cmdb_ci_dns_cname_record]

Relates in InfoBlox CNAME record with a Hardware CI. Note that a Canonical Name (CNAME) record, is a record that points an Alias name AT a Canonical name, so the "Canonical name" is the name in the HOST or 'A' Record, not the name of the CNAME record. The name of the CNAME record is the Alias.

DNS Name table [cmdb_ci_dns_name]

Parent table for:
  • DNS AAAA-Record [u_cmdb_ci_dns_aaaa_record]
  • DNS A-Record [u_cmdb_ci_dns_a_record]
  • DNS CNAME-Record [u_cmdb_ci_dns_cname_record]
  • DNS Host Record [u_cmdb_ci_dns_host_record]
  • DNS MX-Record [u_cmdb_ci_dns_mx_record]
  • DNS NS-Record [u_cmdb_ci_dns_ns_record]
  • DNS PTR-Record [u_cmdb_ci_dns_ptr_record]

Domains (zones) [u_cmdb_ci_dns_zone]

Contains the fermi managed internet domains

Virtual IP address [u_cmdb_ci_vip]

Use for IP addresses on the F5 load balancers (I think this is a subclass of u_cmdb_ci_hardware)

CMDB to MISCOMP/EQUIPDB real-time sync

- real-time sync tables: u_infoblox_sync & u_equipdb_sync
- fields?
- special processing / exceptions?

CMDB to InfoBlox real-time sync? (or is this via MISCOMP?)

- fields?
- special processing / exceptions?

MISCOMP to InfoBlox real-time sync

- fields?
- special processing / exceptions?

Overnight syncs

Note that SCCM/OCS/Casper syncs may over-write each other when one or more VMs or dual-boot partitions live on the same hardware and share a MISCOMP system.


- time & typical duration?
- fields?
- special processing?
- propagates to MISCOMP?


- time?
- fields?
- special processing?
- propagates to MISCOMP?

Casper to CMDB

- time & typical duration?
- fields?
- special processing?
- propagates to MISCOMP?


- Starts ~10:30pm
- typical duration?
- fields?
- special processing?
- propagates to InfoBlox?

InfoBlox to CMDB

- Starts ~2am
- typical duration?
- fields?
- special processing?
- propagates to MISCOMP?