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Timothy Zingelman, 08/13/2020 09:52 AM

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  • Did we every fully populate the SNOW ID field into EquipDB & InfoBlox? Do we want to do so? Does anyone understand the proper mapping of SNOW ID from cmdb_ci_hardware (one per asset) into EquipDB (Systems with 0 to many assets, each of both with a SNOW ID field) [Tim & Lauri to discuss next]
  • DFCT0002888 bad data going into CMDB from SCCM (non-unique mac addresses)
  • Just discovered VIP entries in MISCOMP, made up serial & and dns name/ip number and no mac addr. Example is NCIS seems confused since the ip address shows up on 3 different F5 load balancers. (I wonder if there is a better way to represent the F5's and the name/ip's they serve? This should be considered as we try to solve the clusters with IP Addrs/MAC Addrs issue.)
  • Will we need to have the ServiceNow to Infoblox feed after ServiceNow becomes the source of truth? If so, then before fnetreg goes away we will need to recreate the CSV files that are currently provided by fnetreg. [Yes, this work needs to be done (by Mike).]
  • Need to change "Most recent discovery" for host records to be the NCIS data, not the latest import from InfoBlox (the latter can go into the existing u_last_imported field instead if wanted) [this needs an enhancement opened] - on Felix's list
  • Personal owned devices with IP addresses (must use the catch-all form, as other forms restrict to non-personal cmdb_ci_hardware items)
    Existing set of 60 such devices found with query below appear to be mostly registration ERRORS that should be cleaned up (RITM to Joy?)
    [select s.system_number,,,ast.serial_number,nn.node_address from systems s, assets ast, open_claims oc,network_nodes nn
    where oc.type_id = 26 and oc.prov_id = and exists (select 1 from actors where group_name like 'PERSONAL%' and id = oc.actor_id)
    and = ast.system_id and nn.system_id =;] (Lauri is working on, NCIS check and then to Joy)
  • Run FULL sysadmin import (EquipDB Admins1?) not just sysdate - 10, test in DEV - postpone until someone has time to actually look at the results
  • Cleanup (null?) any MISCOMP System Names of the form N12345 & S12345, in particular when they don't match the associated System Number! (Norman will cleanup from Mike's report)
  • Get the Solarwinds performance monitor back up and running (On Hold - done for non-portal RITM0999677)
  • Test how we deal with 'locked' DNS records (RITM0990725 has locked now in test InfoBlox) - Mike
  • fnetreg (MISCOMP's interface to Infoblox) fails and reports an error on modify operation.
  • If the modify is to change the name of a Host record, then it is an add and then a delete. We succeed on the add, but fail on the delete. This leaves the old and the new records active in MISCOMP. Norman, what does MISCOMP do with the error in this case? We can use locked Infoblox Host record for testing in the test environment.
  • node_registration (ServiceNow's interface to Infoblox) has some design flaws with respect to DNS records. The fixes will likely require changes to ServiceNow.
  • The ability to move one IP address from one Host record to another Host record does not exist. Will need to have old and new IP address and FQDN values, similar to what fnetreg does.
  • Followup on old static ip addrs needing cleanup (networking device related) RITM0999212
  • RITM0983607 re-retire personal owned devices (maybe test in MISTEST now, then if ok fix in production?)
  • Rename CI's in fermidev (as test) R-CMS-FCC2-1 to ASSET_{the asset id for each of 3 records} ENHC0005524
  • Why can't anyone do this in forms as admin? wonder what happens if you force it using a script?
  • Followup on Cluster survey results -> cluster design/strategy (Tim, Lauri, ?) [we DO need to solve shared ip's & MAC addrs, everybody wants an API!]
  • INC000001101442 is waiting on input from Tim Z (more sync failures to cleanup, for instance LAPTOP-LPA6RJRG personal owned device got added to SNOW and pushed to MISCOMP, but the claims and mac addresses failed to attach) The incident was closed 2020-08-05.
  • ENHC0005513 - Lauri work in progress
    EquipDB has Systems with no attached assets. Some of these have ip addresses on them. At a minimum that means we need to change the view for the Incomplete Asset class to include a display of host records. These do not show up in the snow_asset view... how are they getting into CMDB?
    A search of cmdb_ci_hardware where Equipdb Asset Id is empty has 'interesting' results. 38 are 'personal property' and either duplicates (see above item) or are cases where something went wrong... all need to be cleaned up. 175 are 'Asset Owning group = FL/CD' and all are retired in CMDB, 128 are 'Asset Owning group = (empty)' and those are one 'Demo System' and the rest are retired or 'incomplete assets', some with live ip addresses.