TIssue Release Announcement: 2010-May-4

Added by Randy Reitz over 10 years ago

In an effort to not create a new TIssue machine_id while in createEvent(), the following changes are all in
- add more debugging information
- change query in findSameMachine to use on miscomp_system_id and 36 hour "recent" event logic (drop tests for other parameters such as machine_type)
- add findSameMachine() call where currently "missing" in miscomp_perm_dhcp_machine_id() and temp_dhcp_machine()
- in miscomp_perm_dhcp_machine_id, if found miscomp_system_id has no registered admins, use the miscomp_system_id anyway.

TIssue Release Announcement: 2010-Feb-8

Added by Randy Reitz over 10 years ago

TIssue GUI user interface improvements:
  • Change the 'user front' interface to look like the admin interface, but without access to administrative features.
  • This means that user will have the new search capabilities (called filters) and reduces software maintenance by
  • reusing core display components.
  • Reorganize links on TIssue admin page (#213) in more logical groups (another reuse of core display components)
  • Added timestamp to main page header
  • Reduced default event filter count from 100 to 25 (improve performance)
  • AGED Password Detector

Installation of the aged password detector.

TIssue Release Announcement: 2009-Nov-19 (2 comments)

Added by James Fromm almost 11 years ago

There will be a release of TIssue on Thursday 2009-Nov-19.

- administrative searching for events will now work
- tissue admin "home" page will allow searching right on that page
- search results will have "next page", "previous page" links
- AD/Nimrod released to production
- Added block method management/maintenance screens
- Disabling network verification for network management subnet (
- Official support for new KCA certificate added to production TIssue GUI
- A test version of the Inventory Dashboard will be added to production
- Add getEventsByIssue() TIssue method to Inquisitor


- Revert to previous version.


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