NIMI release announcement: Feb 28, 2012

Added by Randy Reitz about 9 years ago

Currently, some NIMI collectors depend on
This release will remove this dependency:
  1. Move the InfoBlox DHCP syslogs from snmpbridge to nimisrv and nimisrva.
    This requires a change in and changes to /etc/syslog.conf
    on both nimisrv and nimisrva.
  2. Move the script from snmpbridge to nimisrv and nimisrva.
    This script parses the InfoBlox DHCP syslogs for DHCP events and Temporary
    Registration events.
  3. Remove the Cisco ACS 3000 VPN logs from snmpbridge. The
    script will be changed to send these logs to the Computer Security Team.
  4. Other changes required to automatically start the DHCP and Temporary
    Registration collectors on boot.

NIMI release annoncement : Sept 29 (v1_0_16)

Added by Vladimir Bravov over 9 years ago

This release was created to update the following components:
- switch collector code : prevent the overwriting record when issue with 1 MAC in two locations will appear ;
- setup two different shell scripts for arp collector and switch collector;
- minor code changes in arp collector;

These uodates are covered CRQ 2437

NIMI release annoncement : Aug 17, 2011

Added by Vladimir Bravov over 9 years ago

This release was created to update the following components:
- code for subnet collector ,which will use infoblox as a authoritative source data for network subnets;
- NIMI collector watcher ( Script was modified for faster NIMI DB queries;
- Arp and switch collector shell script will be updated for better reliability.
These uodates are covered CRQ1878,CRQ1955 and CRQ2332

NIMI release annonsement : Mar 8,2011

Added by Vladimir Bravov about 10 years ago

This release was create to fix start/stop proccess problem in nimi.table and also includes:
- new code for metwork verification ,which located in FSF_HUGENS system;
- new DHCP notifier to fix "future dates" from infoblox syslog;
- VPN collector with auto-start/stop.

NIMI-Tissue release annoncement:Jan 12, 2011

Added by Vladimir Bravov over 10 years ago

This release includes new DHCP and TEMP registration collectors, which were installed outside of the normal release procedures during the Infoblox migration. The purpose of this is to clean up, synchronizing the actual code running in production with the packaged code.

This release also includes a bug fix to create an event even if no contact info is found. This was formerly CRQ1215. Because nimi is one big giant pile(TIssue v2 will take care of this) it is not possible to implement a feature in one area (collectors) without also including changes made in all othe areas.

Tissue Release Annoncement : Nov 8, 2010

Added by Vladimir Bravov over 10 years ago

This release was forced due to CRQ923.
The Switch interface for Blocking Engine was modified to avoid hard coded network Cisco preffics - 'VLAN'.
Also in the switch interface were added:
- comparison the vlan number between switch and arp tables regarding the correct selection of vlan number;
- if vlan numbers are not equal , the number from switch table will be selected by default;
- some code optimizations were made in the switch interface module.

Tissue Release Announcement: 2010-Aug-10

Added by Randy Reitz over 10 years ago

Enhance the systemContacts() method in the NodeDirectory class in the module to search in the NIMI dhcptempreg table.
Bug #580

Enhance the FCIRTEventInjector to display the "contact type" on the verify IP page.

Include VPN collector scripts for the new-style VPN (Cisco ASA-5540). Note: these scripts will not be used in production until more testing is done.

Enhance to detect a lost TCP connection with
The EventStreams mechanism is used in new NIMI collectors.

Keep a spurious change to the DetectorProxies/NetVer/ which points to the development TIssue DB.


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