User documentation

NUMBER of network collectors

11/18/2009 03:30 PM

1 ARP collector ;
2 Switch coolector;
3 DHCP collector;
4 Temporary registration collector;
5 Fermi Subnet collector;
6 DHCP range collector;
7 VPN collector;

New VPN collector (proposal)

12/17/2009 11:40 AM

Brief description of functionality

DHCP collector for Infoblox description

03/05/2010 10:37 AM

DHCP-collector functionality.
For version 2 :
The source data for DHCP collector is the infoblox syslog stream ,
which is coming from relay host to SNMPBRIDGE system.
DHCP leases are selected from the messages file in directory /var/log.
Version 2 of DHCP collector was designed to use Events stream mechanism.

Technical documentation

Current status of DHCP and Temp Reg collectors

01/06/2011 02:50 PM

Here is diagram :how it works&