Pilot System Testing


The mu2e Pilot System is a 1/6-scale test stand for DAQ integration and testing. In order to meet the requirements for a successful Pilot System run, a test plan has been created which adds in functionality in an incremental fashion until a full system test is achieved.

Test Procedure

  1. Development phase testing
    • Includes all work on mu2edaq02 and mu2edaq03 during the initial development of the DTC firmware, linux driver and interface library
  2. Software emulator readout testing
    • Data source for pilot system is set to the interface library's software emulator. No event filtering functionality is used. Software emulator is configured for "software event building"-style data.
  3. Data-injection readout testing
    1. Pattern Data
      • Data source is set to data files containing well-defined pattern data. No event filtering functionality is used. Pattern data DMA size is set for optimal transfer rates.
      • System is run in both software-emulator and hardware modes
    2. Simulated Data
      • Data simulated using digitizer design documentation to generate reasonable approximations of noise data. Data is formatted in "hardware event building"-style.
      • Initial event filter or random delay/filter used to simulate processing delays in event builder farm
  4. Pilot System testing
    • Combination of real ROCs, emulated ROCs and injected data files used to simulate 1/6 of full readout.
    • Integration of event filtering algorithms (test stand for development and tuning)