Change log


  • BeagleBone Blacks are currently on the same physical ethernet used by "-data".
    Their addresses are Interface "eth1:2" on mu2edaq01 is configured to allow access for them,
    but this has has not been done for all mu2edaqxx machines at this time.
  • Some "yum install"s on mu2esaq01 that should be made permanent (and consistent across the machines?):
    • yum installed java7 on mu2edaq01 for running CSS. * yum installed readline-devel on mu2edaq01 for compiling stuff that uses readline.
  • Suggested things to install (not installed)
    • gnome-terminal and gnome-panel, because gnome desktop is better with them * gnome-screensaver, so anyone running an vncserver (with -localhost, of course) can arrange for screen lock if they feel the need