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Kurt Biery, 07/16/2014 02:02 PM

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h1. July 2014 work items
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These are some notes on the tasks that were discussed at the 15-Jul-2014 Mu2e DAQ meeting (initially written by Kurt, additions/corrections welcome).
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Planned or desirable deliverables:
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# By June 2015, have the 6-server pilot system up and running.  This includes the following functionality:
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** one DTC per server
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** at least one artdaq EventBuilder process running on each server
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** how many real or simulated ROCs per DTC?
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** what data rates should be supported?  Between ROCs and DTCs?  Between DTCs and EventBuilders?  To disk?
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# By an undetermined date, be able to provide single-server test systems to subdetector groups for ROC development and testing or detector development and testing. Providing such a system does not necessarily imply buying or donating a computer or other hardware. Instead, the DAQ group could provide recommendations on the appropriate server(s), PCIe card(s), network switch(es), etc. that the subdetector group should purchase.  It does imply providing the firmware and software that would be run to acquire and store the data.  This could take the form of a set of instructions for fetching, installing, building, and running the software, or the DAQ group could choose to assist with some of those steps.  The features that would be part of such a system would be the following:
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** how would configuration be handled?
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** what level of online monitoring would be included?
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Individual tasks:
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# Tag and release the current _mu2e-artdaq_ code [Ron]
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# Update the _mu2e-artdaq_ code to use the latest version of _artdaq_
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Goals in the BOE documents:
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