DAQ IP Addresses: conventions for Mu2e DAQ private networks

Note the information on this page represents the actual situation as of the date it was last updated, and is subject to change.

Pilot system

The DAQ machines have local networks on and

The mu2edaqXX machines are assigned 192.168.157.XX, where XX=01 through 11, for normal control functions like ssh, etc. is used for DAQ data transfer, with mu2edaq01-data assigned to and mu2edaqXX-data assigned to 10.226.9.YY with YY=XX+14 for 3 <= XX <= 12

The mu2edaqXX machines' IPMI addresses, the switches administrative ports, and the PDU controls are assigned addresses on the network.

See /etc/hosts on mu2edaq01 for specific host addresses.

Mu2e building

Here's a table outlining blocks within the [This will be totally replaced by new address assignments once we have a larger controls network.]

Todo: check to make sure all of those below are Mu2e building and not FCC pilot system

Address range Usage
90 Oscilloscope - Used for the bench scope by the DAQs, must be accessed through tunnel on gateway (TODO (Iris): add page with instructions) Check this, address is not in the subnet
91 Scope Webcam - This is a raspberry pi with a camera used as a better way to see the scope screen remotely, again instructions need to be written and it needs to be aimed Check this, address is not in the subnet
128 reserved
129-140 IPMI for mu2edaqXX
141-154 rack monitor "Beagles" for 14 racks in DAQ room
155 reserved for Gizmo ground monitoring
156-158 rack monitor "Beagles" for 3 racks in Electronics Alcove
160-191 dynamic DHCP allocation pool (subject to shrinkage))
200 reserved for mu2edaq01 ?? (in /etc/hosts)
201-202 mu2edcs01 and mu2edcs02
215-216 (apparently was dynamically assigned to IPMI for mu2edcs01 and mu2edcs02, but probably will not be same after a reboot. Need to specify a fixed IPMI address for these two.)
220-221 DCA (Data/Comm/Accel) rack PDUs 1 and 2
222-237 reserve for PDUs in the other racks This is not enough! (22 in DAQ room + 3 in alcove = 25 total, from Mu2e-doc-7696-v32)
238 "" in /etc/hosts - not active?
239 "" in /etc/hosts - not active?
240 "" in /etc/hosts - not active?

Note that we are using "static dynamic" addresses for the private networks -- a DHCP server is running on the private network and serving IPs to known mac addresses. Once all equipment is connected and accounted for, the dynamic range will be disabled, and only the known mac addresses will receive their allocated address.

Proposed network architecture

  • LAB Network ( Only connected to DCS/gateway machines and Data Logger (DL should have maximum-bandwidth connection)
  • Control Network ( <=1Gbps/RJ-45 private network to be used for generic Linux traffic. NAT'ed at Gateway to allow system upgrades. EPICS traffic from DAQ nodes to DCS nodes.
  • Management Network ( <=1Gbps/RJ-45; Chassis IPMI, PDUs, Switch management interfaces, Rack monitors, HV equipment, other devices
    needing control
  • Data Network ( 10 Gbps Fiber or Copper: Data transmission between DAQ hosts. May be shared hardware with DTC EVB network (addressless)