CD2 Work Items

Last updates Jan 5, 2016 by rrivera

strikethrough means complete
bold means not started

Controls & Networking
1) operational slow control channel on the optical links between DAQ Servers and prototype detector ROCs (Ryan, Greg, Rick, Eric, Ron)
2) ROC firmware download over slow control channel (Ryan, Greg, Rick, Eric, Ron)
3) ROC reset via UART (Ryan, Greg)
4) single Beaglebone DCS system control and monitoring using EPICS (Glenn, Mark)
5) single Beaglebone DCS system control and monitoring interface through HTML5/JavaScript web page (Mark)
6) user interface and configuration software to connect the Run Control Host, DCS Host, and Data Logger to the remote control room and offline storage/processing (Tomo, Eric, Ron)
Data Processing
1) working six server test system with event building network. (Ryan, Rick, Eric, Ron)
2) initial MU2e specific version of the art software. (Kurt, Eric, Ron, Tomo)
3) optimized version of the tracking filter software. (Tomo)
4) benchmarks of the tracking filter in a high rate environment (Mike)
1) preliminary working version of the Mu2e artdaq software (Kurt, Eric, Ron, Tomo)
2) event building software (Tomo, Eric, Ron)
3) DTC firmware for data and control optical link connections to readout controllers (Rick)
4) DTC and ROC firmware for the optical link slow control channel (Ryan, Rick)
5) DTC firmware for event assembly and buffer management (Rick)
6) interface firmware for the DTC and CFO (Rick)
7) Readout controller UART communication software (Ryan, Greg)
8) board design for timing system accelerator interface (Greg, Mark)
9) board level and system level test results (Tomo, Eric, Ron, Rick, Ryan, Greg)