BeagleBone Blacks

IP addresses

Currently on the same physical ethernet as the mu2edaqxx-data interfaces -- see note in mu2edaqxx page

System stuff

Accounts and passwords (changed from default)

The accounts most important for the Detector Control System are root and mu2edcs. Also leaving the debian account on for now.

The Beagles are on a private ethernet accessible only from machines accessible only by Kerberized ssh (we hope), but it's better to have non-default passwords, so I've changed them.

The passwords are {common prefix}!{account name}, where the {common prefix} is a closely guarded Mu2e secret that won't be divulged here. E.g., if the {common prefix} were terces, the passwords would be terces!debian, terces!mu2edcs, etc. (But they're not that.)

(As of 2015/1/14, I've done this only for -Glenn)


resolve.conf copied from mu2edaq01 to beagle1 (


2016-01-15: Hardware clock was badly off on beagle1, did ntpdate and hwclock -w. Haven't checked others yet.

Need to tell each beagle it's unique name.


Cross-compiling using the cross-compiler we used for MicroBooNE made a nice executable that wouldn't execute on the Beagles. It might be because the old cross-compiler targets arm5 and different kernel. I ended up compiling natively on beagle1, took about 20 minutes.

~mu2edcs/epics/ ohas a working base epics installation.

Next up: compiling asynDriver and streamDevice.