1. General status updates/Schedule review

Tomo -- Settled on packet spec for CRV with status packets in data tream. Needs online compatibility with offline again, hopefully soon. s73 qualifiers should be compatible.

Eric -- new artdaq release supports s73 maybe next week. Updated interface library to DCS packet spec.

Glenn -- waiting on rack monitor box. (Jason started assembly). We should post schematics to docdb. We specd the memory chip to use.

Jose -- Been working on new DCS firmware format. Still failing intense READ.. due to invalid packet sending.

Greg -- Status from last week...
established unequivocal correlation between loopback and timestamping — loopback works!
attempted to communicate this by giving a talk to the electrical integration meeting
net result: the experiment is nervous about having jumps from lock-to-lock of more than 1 ns
Next steps for me
increase the loopback statistics to make correlation better (needs DCS reads working)
improve the software to
Loopback-captan software smarter (base who is looped back depending on who is enabled in configuration)
Pass CAPTAN data to CFO via otsdaq MacroMaker (your recent upgrade)
Add link checks
Tune the talk, including a better slide of how the CAPTAN is telling us really what we want to know regarding the experiment synchronization (this talk would be a slam dunk if the link lock came up on same bit— i.e., the bit-slip worked)
On a separate item, the STM people are eager to get their FPGA into the test stand. If Rick has made progress establishing communications between DTC and STM FPGA, I will pull a student from University of Boston to the test stand and work to get them plugged in. This student is resident at FNAL and is expecting me to pull him over to FCC anytime beginning next week….

Ryan -- We are going to go ahead with server purchase. Meet with Gary to understand golden test for CRR timing demo

Rick -- Cleaning up input buffer code. Need to finish up STM demo card.

2. Timing distribution demonstration updates

3. online Trigger Processing (including through DTC) progress/plans

4. Status of tests with detector subsystems

5. Rack protection & slow controls progress/plans (dedicated DCS node at FCC)

Keep Rack boxes at FCC. SD card.
February 20 is collaboration meeting