- General status updates/Schedule/Rack Room
We need current estimates for a server + FPGA
Eric had DAQ farm nodes moved to SL7. daq01 should be updated in the next week or two.
Gennadiy is waiting for SL7 move of offline code.
Bertrand did some tests with rectified linear MVA and seems ok. Spent last few weeks optimizing to 12ms for whole track-trigger. Calo-track-trigger 4ms. Still pessimistic on GPUs (2ms penalty for data transfer).
Ron is updating development node to SL7.

- FPGA Event Building progress/plans
Rick says DTC firmware met timing, and does nothing. Trying to place and route with a ton of chipscopes.

- online Trigger Processing (including through DTC) progress/plans
Tomo says SL7 offline should be ready in next week or so.

- Rack protection & slow controls progress/plans
The 120V PDU is not monitored!! Turns out there is a 10-foot model that is comparable. PDU3VN10L2120LV.