Rick -- 10s of thousands of events without errors, punch clock progress and will continue next week. Monica waiting. How does a software Data Request work? Treated like current testing, i.e. event building partition of 1; Event building settings are CRV style now.

Eric -- working with Giani to get multiple art processes per event builder and data logger working. Giani has made a few snapshots. Simona and Vivian using snapshots. Very busy through February. Possibly there is a wrapping of Tracker sub-fragment.

Vivian -- Trying Giani’s snapshots. artdaq partition number collissions (there is a table in wiki) could be avoided by environment variable in Finding issues one at a time and tracking them.

Antonio -- EPICS/DCS work. Integrated pheobus xml format into otsdaq page format. Added a table widget. Aligned settings with pheobus features. Improved strip chart widget. Has working example of otsdaq DCS channel → artdaq Metric Manager → software IOC → EPICS → otsdaq DCS GUI … ‘.’ was not allowed.

Ron --

Karen -- Planning joint TDAQ and electrical integration session at collaboration meeting Feb 26-29 → Trigger Session wednesday afternoon. → Where does Vivian-EPICS fit in?

Lei -- Been testing with Sten and Rick. Mechanism for readout is not using sync marker yet, should try again next week. Event Mode tells On-spill or Off-spill-- take over byte4 in Heartbeat for Event Mode flags and make bit0 on/off spill. Then 32-bits for “Trigger” modes.

Gary -- Sten leaving at end of February. Micol starting in March. SCD/FDE has 3 new firmware engineers.

Bertrand -- Thinking about collaboration meeting and Operations spares. Optimization of track trigger ongoing (delta ~1ms). Weird size on disk relative to raw-data (Giani), which would waste tape.

Ryan -- February 10 event building. Understanding details.