Bi-Weekly Meeting:

- Debrief from Electronics Integration meeting
Radiation tolerance testing was discussed. The Tracker will have to do another radiation test.

- Debrief from Tracker ROC rad tolerance test.
Strange packet received once in a while. Hard to imagine it is due to the radiation.

- Status of Integrating DCS into FCC3 test stand
Mark setup a network switch for Beaglebones.

- General progress reports
Rick expects to take a couple of days more on firmware fixes.

- Final Design Review, January 12
We must feel comfortable with every aspect of the Trigger & DAQ design. Items to focus on before the review:
  • Calculate the ring latency for data requests and specify
  • Specify the meaning of DAQ event vs analysis events
  • Talk to Rob before review
  • Write down plan for clock distribution. Get agreement with detector folks
  • What are we getting precisely from accelerator
  • Data rates to data logger
  • Know the forward latency of roc and specify
  • Understand our timeouts
  • Outline calibration ideas and debug ideas