TDAQ Meeting notes

Ron -- Will do code review with Eric and Ryan

Eric -- working to integrate artdaq DAQ interface with ots. And allow pcie_repo to use message facility

Micol -- fixed ROC core CRC bug. Found retransmission has a bug - working on it. First DCS read, always receive a retransmission request.

Rick -- Found and fixed DTC issues as a result of CRV testing (timeout packets, etc.). May need a new version to have more chipscope for Micol.

Greg -- Brough up error handling and accounting document. Greg had questions in email, unaddressed..

Glenn -- Knows Vivian is waiting on him. Move of DCS to daq12 is working smoothly. Still wants to install SLAC Archiver.. Allows web requests. Knows Dan is asking about Archiver. Wants instructions on how to run ots DCS.

STM -- will want to update DTC firmware (should they stay with old timing card)
CRV -- Sten is working hard, Lei should come back to FCC next week for more testing. CRV is now using production timing card. Some confusion about Timing clock (40MHz) vs SERDES/Link clock (3.125G)

Ryan -- All the production timing cards in our hands. Waiting on FPGAs, and Fireflies.