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Ryan Rivera, 05/23/2019 01:54 PM

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h1. 23-May-2019
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1. General status updates/Schedule review
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Tomo -- working on pull fcl configuration for artdaq - working with John Freeman.
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Bertrand -- Collaboration meeting to discuss software/how/who. Collab. Meeting is June 24. Reserve a room at Fermilab.
8 1 Ryan Rivera
Glenn -- Working on connecting the different EPICS development systems. TCP or SSH-tunnel?
9 1 Ryan Rivera
Eric -- Working with Rick on Block Read stability. Added them to ROC Util as one of the options - found weird bugs. NFS updated to mu2edaq13 hosting. .. Security strike team found NFS on site network is bad. Implemented DTC single-user mode. Will disable the nightly DTC reboot.
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Vivian is here a lot .. going to add stress test for Data Requests.
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Greg -- How will we test Data Requests? CRV trying DTC tests.
12 1 Ryan Rivera
Rick -- has several DTC problems he is looking at surrounding the Heartbeat and Data Request handling. CRV build should be up to date.
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Jose -- Two weeks left. Add markers, and retransmission at ROC TX
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Ryan -- Asked Gennadiy to setup mongodb on mu2edaq13. Firefly purchase still idling. DTC req is through to purchasing. Affecting our student DTC testing plan. MacroMaker mode added ots.  Move otsdaq core repositories to “master” branch .. leave mu2e branch to “develop”