Priorities with Lab Access:

Characterize Timing Stability (10-DTC-daisy chain or star-fanout-topology)
Debug DTC Event Building
Horizontal Slice Testing (detector subsystem priority is Vertical Slice Testing)
Retransmission testing

Rick -- going through CFO/DTC change requsts .. subevent headers done.. Working on built event headers. Then will change document. Need retransmission documented in DTC and ROC. Greg looked at IPMI setup, and looked good - but no access to DAQ02 IPMI. Could check private network daq2 access from daq>01 .. can not ping IPMI address. Can ping the private NIC. Ron and Eric do not think BIOS is wrong. Eric can see IPMI NIC is getting packets.

Eric -- A few tests with Vivian.

Antonio -- completed artdaq Metric integration with otsdaq/Mu2e-EPICS. Did some base class cleanup in otsdaq. Now FE DCS and artdaq Metrics PVs are integrated into Mu2e-EPICS with channel add/remove handling and alarm handling! Will now work on documentation and then user improvements to web dashboard.

Ron -- Trace double messages seem to still be happening with TRACE v3_15_07

Lei -- CRV considering how beam fluctuation of ms 6-10x will affect event handling.

Craig -- Expecting trigger off-spill data. Greg says for CRV TE, .. the trigger will not catch. Pre-scaled enough? CRV would want on-spill triggers plus controllable pre-scale factor. Bottlenecks: (0) FEB upstream of DDR (1) FEB->DDR, (2) FEB->ROC, (3) ROC->DTC. Prescaling would help with (2) and (3). (0) can not keep up with 6x-10x. Richie says Tracker is looking too, >1ms at 6x, Tracker will overrun.

Matthew Jones gave a talk that points out we likely could identify high beam intensity at TEM.

Trigger Giani → if Event Size is too big, we will pass with prescale factor to save processing time.

Gary -- we have to be able to handle high beam intensity gracefully throughout each chokepoint. Still working with Steve on improved estimation.

Richie -- Working on readout numbering scheme and documentation. How do we know geometric mapping in offline? How do we verify? Tracker plans to put offline-usable ID in data payload.

Giani -- Can we implement random-access in artdaq fragments? Do we need it to speed up trigger processing? Sequential access seems ok for Tracker, but not for Calorimeter (e.g. for “other” channels: muon stops, laser system). Discussing with Stefano about Calorimeter Laser Calibration protocol.