Ryan: For the record, my status is I have prepared drafts of the TDAQ material for the upcoming DOE review, which is in December. After the DOE review, we will shift gears to the "Servers and Data Logger Construction Readiness Review" which I am hoping we can have in January.

Eric: Working with Giani on DAQ software validation, i.e. the Offline -> DTC binary file -> DAQ -> Offline loop
Added temperature monitoring for DTC FPGA temp and Fireflies. Most people on this meeting may have received notification emails from testing.

Rick: DTC->CRV ROC interface? No communication from CRV in ~2 weeks. HW ready, waiting on them. Acceptance testing: All DTC hav ebeen tested and all timing cards have been paired with DTC. All not currently in nodes are in PREP. 4 failed and are being returned to HiTech for warranty repair. Shipping in progress. HW Event Building firmware debugging. Setting up larger test using switch, may need software support for those tests.
Also working with Micol & co. on Italian test-stand. Slow going due to time difference.

Antonio: Working with Ryan to change event listeners in Controls Dashboard. Mouse input now being passed into widget for zoom and pan control. Working on auto-resize of plots, and fixed-window view.

John: Modified 4 timing cards for CFO use (removing crystal). One in test stand, 3 are in PREP with other cards. Spreadsheet with PREP Tags, serial #s, spare Fireflies, in PREP. Add -CFO designation to those timing cards for ease of locating. Updated optics/breakout cassettes on test stand to production spec. Prototype cassettes have incorrect MTP connectors and are incompatible with production HW. Vendor asserts that returned cassettes are "fine".

Greg: Mu2e PMG meeting on Tuesday: Question about timing of server purchase. Is it too early? Think about succession and replacement of aging hardware in operations.

Glenn: Working on CRV FEBs & ROC. Looking at Slow Controls. Ethernet-ish link between FEB and ROC. Can read Slow Controls data from FEB level into ROC, then into DTC. Can read data even when DAQ is down through this DTC side-path.