Meeting notes:

Lei -- can we do CRV vertical slice testing remotely. Can we program CRV remotely? Over JTAG? Who is working on CRV firmware? Simon Argonne postdoc. Gary would like to understand the plan/goals for CRV slice testing. How many firmware changes are we expecting?

Eric -- some more work with Giani and Sophie.

Andrei --

Antonio -- Completed configuration handling of artdaq metrics ⇒ EPICS. Now working on web app dashboard - improved user experience. Went through configuration process as Tracker user to have FE DCS coexisting with artdaq Metrics ⇒ EPICS. Posted doc on otsdaq EPICS handling #33299

Gary -- Interested in timing synchronization studies (10-daisy chain and star topology).
Karen --
Greg -- Subrun handling discussion

Ryan -- working with Simona, Giani, and Antonio.