Minutes from Bi-weekly TDAQ meeting

Rick gave a recap of this morning's Electronic Integration Meeting - they talked about grounding, and we think our TDAQ realm is pretty well understood as far as grounding goes. They are working on an experiment-wide Grounding & Shielding document. We already submitted the requested sections for Trigger & DAQ, but they are also requesting sections for the Detector Control System from Glenn.

Ron and Eric ~
First time trying to blast readout/data requests. Trying to blast series of reeadout reqs, followed by series of data reqs.. but not getting back data after 2-3 readout reqs.

In the future we expect the CFO to only send readout requests, and the DTC handles distribution of one data request at a time around the ROC rings. There was some discussion about the segmentation of data blocks that the DTC should provide to the DMA (no change necessary for now).

Agreement that first we should throw together a throughput test (that maybe doesn't follow the protocol completely) and then after we have a presentable end-to-end throughput rate, we slow down and worry about the protocol and involving the CFO. It's important to remember that the TDAQ Pilot system will only have 1 hardware ROC in it (if any) and will consist primarily of emulated ROCs on the DTC.

Target time for this throughput number is by next Project Management Meeting on September 22.

Side note: the Rack computers for the pilot are now "mildly usable."