1. General status updates/Schedule

Tomo -- found a combination of offline and online and is compiling.. But it was a pain. Tomo Eric and Rob should discuss how to make it easier (like an offline branch). Encountering new errors - going to work on them over the next two days.

Glenn -- making progress on slow controls. Two PDUs were responding over SMTP (now only one) but they are slow! Like ½ second. On dcs01 in the DAQ room. IPMI computer readonly status is working (can read fans). PDU interfaces seem fragile.. They just reboot. Channels: IPMI, PDUs, and Rack Protection. Pasha asking about control/monitor HV for straws (same HV that microboone had used). They will need to provide the controller.

Rick -- Working on timing distribution through DTC so that transmitting is low latency and deterministic. Been getting hints from GBT-FPGA code. Seems to be working on all 6 ROC links. Looking at reducing the skew across the 6 channels (300ps difference is best so far). Rick’s test machine has been down.. Should be back - ready to test features in new version. In parallel looking at CFO.

Maybe we need an offline/online librarian-gatekeeper.. To maintain version compatibility.

Kernel module work to allow multiple PCIe cards in one Computer. Eric and Rick think we should work on this. Play with device ID.

2. Timing distribution status

Rick reported on this. Transmitting link would be the clock distribution to ROCs.

Note: Still need CFO to distribute a reference clock (156.25MHz). We can still send the CRV the encoded system clock (40MHz encoded clock)

It would be nice to have Tracker ROC as part of our test stand. We have a CRV ROC - so we should test that.

3. online Trigger Processing (including through DTC) progress/plans (high priority)

Tomo reported on this.

Perhaps Tomo can write instructions for how to incorporate a new offline version into offline. What is the procedure?

4. Status of tests with detector subystems

CRV and Tracker ROCs nearby.

5. Rack protection & slow controls progress/plans

Glenn reported on this.