Bi-weekly Meeting Minutes:

- This meeting was cut to 30 minutest to have time to work with Vadim on Tracker teststand.
- Tomo: making progress on gui and packet definition
- Glenn: thinking about accessing beaglebones through FCC3 teststand.
- Kurt mentioned he is hearing from RTI about putting DDS into Epics. Ganglia maybe isn't the best method for sw metric reporting. Would be great if we could build metrics into DCS from the start.
- Ron emphasized that a replacement for Ganglia has to be easy.
- Greg: setup the test stand for Tracker folks in FCC3 open bay.
- Eric and Ryan: helping with the Tracker test stand. Almost operational but not quite.
- Rick: new firmware version. New PCI cards are different - a few pins changed.
- Electronics Integration is requesting information about power supplies.

- We need to start identifying reviewers for the Final Design Review in January.

Alan Prosser
Jamieson Olsen
Adam Lyon?
Argonne reviewer? ( can talk with Marcel Demarteau)