Meeting Notes:

- Discussion/presentation led by Shruti Shrestha (has been working with Sten Hansen) about clock/trigger integration between detector electronics and TDAQ * Successfully sync to 590KHz with <1ns jitter
- Debrief from Electronics Integration meeting. General agreement about DCS plans and assumptions.
- Status of Tracker ROC rad tolerance test preparation. Delivered stable DAQ to Vadim for tests.
- Walkthrough Tomo's Packet Definition document for comments * Consensus that their should be a Packet Definition document for DMA interface which aligns data to byte boundaries * Also consensus to add a sequence counter to upper 3 bits of first D character of every packet out of a ROC link.

We now have 3 reviewers for Final Design Review planned for mid-to-late January:
- Alan Prosser FNAL
- Jamieson Olsen FNAL
- John Anderson ANL