Two weeks, Feb 28, Collaboration Meeting

1. General status updates/Schedule
Tomo - running Ethan’s firmware in simulation mode.. Updated for latest tracker packet format and parsing DMA headers. Also filtering out calorimeter packets. Modified software that generates event data files, made more flexible (can use same file as DTC loopback). Where should next focus be?

Eric - working on matching Mu2e artdaq to art .. this will be artdaq v3. Should be simple to configure full utilization of the TDAQ server. .. waiting on art team (bugs were identified) to release in the next few days.
Eric talked to Andrey about DCS switches.. Prefers a dumb switch. Networking will recommend a product.
Eric created a clone of DTC library and driver for CFO.
Wants a meeting of software minds to discuss online/offline release management (during the collaboration meeting maybe lunch).

Bertrand - Dave Brown realized some hits are from same particle. New data product to take advantage of clusters. Now Tracker alogithm is at 6ms. Also slow down might be due to art slowing down with pointer handling (maybe save 2-3ms?). Also likely Stereo Hits is not needed for trigger algorithm.
Bertrand - requesting a presentation on HLS? (promo it)

Ron - Rick wants to start on the CFO and have two cards in the same system. Looking at new driver.
How much is a partial configuration license?

2. Timing distribution updates
Rick - Vadim can send data but getting errors in receiving.

3. online Trigger Processing (including through DTC) progress/plans (highest priority)
4. Status of tests with detector subystems
5. Rack protection & slow controls progress/plans
Glenn - was having trouble with PDUs doing batch requests.. Now working after slowing down EPICS drivers.
12 Rack Protection systems should be ready soon. Still needs the BB IP.