1. General status updates/Schedule review

Greg -- encouragin subsystems to come to the test stand. Worked with STM. Friday we have a test stand meeting. Learned CRV is adrift, talking with Terry Kiper and Lei. Documenting ots use.

Jose -- Putting new DCS read/write firmware in Polar Fire.

Ron --

Rick -- Last week handed off STM card with starting point firmware, Jose will take this over and add DCS read/write and timing things. Been debugging DCS read/write with DTC-hardware emulated ROC this week.

Ryan -- Working with Rick on DCS read/write. Working with Jose on ROC firmware.

Glenn -- Last week speaking with Purdue Extinction Monitor team. They are making DCS progress. Made DCS hypernews (requires multiple subscriptions). Need a live system.

Bertrand -- Working on Operations thoughts. Next trigger meeting topics are DQM and Event displays, and how to leverage already done offline work.

Tomo -- Working on the Rob Kutschke project, moving generator module from offline to online to convert offline data products directly into artdaq fragments.

2. Rack protection & slow controls progress/plans (dedicated DCS node at FCC)

Glenn will wait til next time he’s here to test rack protection slow controls modules. Perhaps a visit in a month or two.
Remote DCS work -- making EPICS accessible on the network.

IOC -- where and who and how many? Glenn can explain the CA Server input file format. Also need to insert in the CSS Archive configuration. Alarm system also has a list of which variable and where to display.

Mu2edcsdev01 -- ports need to be opened for 192.. network

3. FPGA Production Purchase status and acceptance plan

Timing Card -- 73 == 69 DTCS + 1 CFO + 3 subsystems + 20% extra -- +15 = 88
Transceivers -- 73 + 40% extra -- 3 types -- 4x4 just enough CRV
FPGAs -- 90 days -- 70 + 20% = +14 = 84

4. Multi-subsystem test stand status