Tomo -- Got HLS to compile. Was working with a branch of offline.. Then online was updated to compatible with offline, so Tomo merged to a recent branch of offline.. Regenerated input files in binary format. Created new UPS version offline that works in online. Problem: trying to pass through chain, get an ART error reading input files from cvms. All done in Sim mode. Need help from Rob, Ron, art team.

Eric -- working with Rick to be compatible with new firmware. CRV people took mu2edaq08. 09 is out of the building. mu2edcsdev01 is ready (former mu2edaq03).

Greg -- trying to use otsdaq to run the sync test. Working on codifying the chants. Can now call functions from the library.

Ethan -- trigger code 99% works.

Jose -- Working with Ryan and Greg on sync test for ROC. Trying to fix tx problem on ROC. rx works but tx doesn’t seem to work. We got Vadim’s FPGA, w/SFP+.

Rick -- Working on clock distributiong and latency measurement for CFO and DTC. Looping back without ROC. Daisy chaining DTCs revealed a bug, that may have been fix. Working on automating resetting.