TDAQ biweekly

Antonio -- working on slow controls web dashboard. Working on showing alarm display. Working on new ROOT widget, using JSROOT, making good progress.
Ron --
Glenn -- thinking about EPICS db RAID. Ryan has newegg cart ready with Bonnie’s suggestions. The PCIe battery seems sufficient rather than UPS, to prevent RAID corruption (is battery separate).
Lei -- Sten and Rick and Lei continued testing Wednesday. Sten was assuming Heartbeat and then marker, which is how it should be,.. During testing first event is missed. ...CRV ROC mostly responds well to heartbeat and marker. May need Eric for improved performance. What does the CRV ROC software FEPlugin do? What is easier, implemeting firmware to handle DCS packets, or implementing FEPlugin to use current firmware DCS path? Thinking about setting up otsdaq for CRV test stand. Vivian recommends using emulator first.
Craig -- Ralf might be available for ots software interface work.
Vivian -- Working out problems in otsdaq configuration.
Karen --

Two leading talks -- RYAN “overview of ROC interface to TDAQ” .. and then GLENN “interface subsystems with EPICS”
Subsystem Questions:
1. What is the average detector data per event? On spill verses off spill? (what is included in this estimate)
Note: See Ryans talk docdb 31412 - slides 16-19; Identify how your rates are calculated.
2. Configuration data needed for front ends - where stored; data size; part of run config?
3. Run startup - Should HV be turned off when DAQ in idle state? Anything else that needs to be enabled?
4. Monitor data to be read from front ends
a. How often
b. How much data
c. Where is it stored - common solution for subsystems? Run conditions database?
d. Alarm/notifications if outside tolerances? Notification method?
e. Any critical monitoring, like HV, temperature, pressure, …? How are these handled in the system?
f. What goes to EPICs, what goes to a DB?
g. How are dead channels determined? What to do with the information?
5. Calibrations - how often, nature (QI, laser, other), what to do with data

Gary -- Rack ORC was ok. Dave has punch list (3 or 4 minor things). Dave and Jason will resolve issues. Chuck Kuhn fire chief was part of review -- should smoke detectors be connected to something other than DCS (FIRUS?)? Integration future discussions.
Ryan -- Helping Monica debug ROC reset problem. Monica is planning to start looking at programming FPGA over link.