1. General status updates/Schedule review.
2. Status of DTC to ROC interface.
3. Status of EPICS on DAQ cluster.
4. Status of timing distribution testing.

Rick -- Working Iris and Jason at test stand, focusing on timing issues/testing. Simulating DTC Event Builder. Hopefully losing lock in DTC chain at test stand is due to power rail from PCIe. Instead will power board directly from server power supply, but need MOLEX extension cables. Ordered 100. In the mean time, exploring RJ45 Timing Fanout module.

Iris -- First day at lab in FCC3 Wednesday. Still unable to get CFO output into RTF input - does not seem to be ground issue. May need a longer CAT5 breakout cable. It looked like the RTF 200MHz output did get recognized at the DTC input.

Eric -- working with Giani, and daq16 has mock system running using CentOS8. Full data path => Calo & Tracker, Tracker algorithm and 2nd stage event builder pulling CRV data, then to data logger. 3 Seconds of “CRV data” fits in 8GB ram. Working on new artdaq release.

Antonio -- Fixing some bugs in Slow Controls ots GUI. Trace on/off gets reset when new data arrives, and working on it. And still working on an image map with links.

Glenn -- will look at node temperature cronjob (move away from Ganglia -- write directly to EPICS). Looking at Rack Monitor IOC for test stand, compiling using Michael Hedges and Vivian agreed on.

Vivian -- Is the Pheobus visualizer installed? Glenn says need to download it. To format extensions .opi. Been merging DQM Evan work with Tracker setup - can configure, but running has a problem.. Want to move daq09 to Lab 3 in a week. Need to copy things off of nfs. Jason knows plan to move it. Ron thinks SSDs are in daq11? There were 6 of them.

Lei -- Simon is on vacation. Simon found the CRV ROC and FEB.. updated firmware with Terri. Still does not have a computer. Simon will coordinate with Rick (maybe next week).

Ron -- Presentation on write disk rates - will post to docdb. Two data loggers running at 140 MBps writing is relatively easy. Note of caution: Writing ROOT files has major overhead.