1. General status updates/Schedule
John - still working on optical links work before switching to characterizing mu2e timing card. Rick made firmware changes for his tests.
Eric - DTC interface library documented “completely” .. has firmware version check. DCS attempt in 1st rack: on DCS private network = nodes, PDUs (not configured: IP address,username), beaglebone (temperature probe, smoke detector, fan speed). Waiting on Dave Huffman to finish 90deg plug.
Gennadiy - mu2edaq11 trying to compile latest online software.
Ron - testing new firmware from Rick - turned out to be (not) driver/library. Put new sw/fw on mu2edaq05 and Tomo had problems, but likely didnt upgrade interface library.
Rick - fixed problem with DMA stopping for no reason. More CRV testing with Sten - packets in both directions (requesting data and response). Merging the changes from both firmware forks. Calorimeter folks are asking for help. Partial reconfiguration license cost?
Order 7
9 = 1 Rick’s office + 1 Calorimeter + 6 Pilot + 1 (float)
1 = CFO
Start looking at placeholder for Ethan’s code.
Glenn - looking at PDU connection.

2. Rack CRR status
3. Internal review preparation status
In two weeks!
4. DTC Testing: CRV Testing. Event Building testing.
5. online Trigger Processing (including through DTC) progress/plans (highest priority)
6. Rack protection & slow controls progress/plans (can we monitor PDU in Mu2e building?)