TDAQ Meeting Notes:

Rick -- Working with CRV. Sten has fixed several issues, now working on speeding up data request response latency. Added a response timer to DTC project. More or less CRV is working. Should move CFO server for accelerator interface .

Eric -- Working on artdaq stuff behind scenes. DCS server? We may have RAID equipment. Daq15 DCS. CFO DAQ17. Easier to get going at FCC and then move.

Gary -- Accelerator - TDAQ interface. 1U solution from N to SMA needed. Gary will follow-up.

Lei -- Brought in Simon (Argonne) to hep with CRV-TDAQ testing. Sten knows Simon well. Would like to take a node to CRV test stand.

Greg -- Test of chain of 10 DTCs still on Rick’s todo list. STM is thinking about their architecture. Bertrand suggested STM cores (i.e. 20) are available for STM processing. Also stirring pot with ExtMon about marking data with event markers and subruns.

Craig -- Revisit CRV/FEB rates and estimates.

Ron --

Vivian -- What do we mean by STM and ExtMon architecture? Gary favors a common state machine understanding. Consensus to work on a plan. What are they saving and how do we interpret the data?

Glenn -- Looking at cable map for CRV. Excited for DCS RAID.

Ryan --