1. General status updates/Schedule review

Eric -- DTC interface library now waits for a “ready” state after changing the CFO emulator status. Added a device lockout mechanism to pcie driver. Now, do not instantiate CFO with DTC lib. Artdaq release is in testing right now. The new otsdaq release to follow for e17 and Offline compatibility.

Jose -- working with Erdem and Vadim on STM ROC and Tracker ROC. Found an issue with DCS Read Block request 100 words error found bug. Added Data Request features.

Rick -- trying to get back to testing stress test. Has a “prehistoric” CRV ROC used for compatibility testing. Updated DTC user manual in docdb -- register map etc..

Tomo -- Merged packet simulation and processing code into head of Offline… which includes generating artdaq fragments from digis, and converting back to digis.

Bertrand -- Optimizing trigger filters (and being busy). Wants to discuss the plan for online monitoring, and get more people involved in customizing otsdaq for Mu2e.

Glenn -- EPICS pv gateway is allowing remote clients well (with some security options). All the networks we are developing now seem to be able to see each other. Currently using ssh tunnels, but should just open TCP ports probably. Would like to start having dedicated DCS meetings (9am Thursdays).. Currently talking with Ext Monitor people.

Ryan -- Timing Card purchase in production. Purchasing happy Firefly order req. Holding pattern for req fo DTC cards.

2. Test stand status (including NFS and RAID discussion)

mu2edaq13 will get RAID.. not started yet. Will impact performance while this happening.

3. online Trigger Processing (including through DTC) progress/plans
4. Status of tests with detector subsystems

STM and Tracker ROC firmware ongoing. Tracker aborted their test beam.

5. DCS/EPICS Rack protection & slow controls progress/plans