Timing distribution
Slow Controls infrastructure and GUI
Vertical Slice preparedness
Online algorithm benchmark

Rick -- working on add event and subevent headers to DTC event buffer handling. Still do have IPMI working, not sure what is wrong. Should just be two connections. May need to schedule a zoom video while Greg is in.

Eric -- Working on otsdaq and artdaq new releases. Next step is to get mu2e users up to date.

Antonio -- working on artdaq metric connection with EPICS. Working with Ryan and Eric when stuck. Using mu2e_shift user. Currently working on interfacing to SW- IOC and archiver.

Ron --

Vivian -- Trying to run in DTC emulation mode. When stopping run, artdaq Supervisor crashes. Known that artdaq Supervisor is not communicating all errors to otsdaq. Likely need Eric’s help to diagnose. Tracker has current date for vertical slice test hardware-in-hand, June 15.

Lei -- Sten retired. CRV have Simon to lead vertical slice effort with Rick. Currently Simon is testing CRV off-spill mode. Stalled progress during stay-at-home. Estimating a couple months once stay-at-home over, to complete vertical slice testing. Ralf working on CRV trigger reconstruction software. Simon will also do software, but more on ROC interface side.

Craig --

Gary -- What are prerequisite for production CRV orders? Exchange on ROC DDR Bookkeeping handling.

Ralf -- wrote digi converter. Struggling to run artdaq/otsdaq. Listserv (“subscribe otsdaq_users” in body with no subject). Question about FEB and ROC IDs. Ryan thinks we need both UID and child/channel_ID, and readable written tag.

Karen -- After last integration meeting, Ryan sent around slides showing proposal on ROC DDR Bookkeeping. Would like Steve Werkema to join to confirm instantaneous beam spill variation. Will continue next integration meeting. Gary: Are we being conservative by using average rates? Ryan’s proposal slides are docdb #32551. CRV has to allow random access of event tag data requests (unlike Tracker and Calorimeter) -- hopefully it is 2^18 locations?.. 2Gb / 512B?