1. General status updates/Schedule. Debrief from Collaboration Meeting.
Eric - found & fixed a few issues in Mu2e artdaq. Found a bug in artdaq - need to cut a new version. Expect that Tomo’s test would work, but not all data will go through. CFO and DTC working in a single node.

CRV and Tracker both want TDAQ nodes. Meeting with Vadim at 3p - can ask about radiation node?

Tomo - two hurdles: events were looping endlessly & Mu2e artdaq cant find DTC. Making progress.

Ron - a server was having fan problem. Rick’s fans for fullspeed. Ron solved it.

Rick - slice test with Tracker .. reliable communication now in both directions. Weird receiving issue overwriting data at DTC. Adding changes to DTC to accomodate new timing distribution scheme. Then will switch to CFO.


Bertrand - many students starting up. Want a TDAQ node available for offline packages (need CVMFS). There on DAQ01.. Tomo tried to setup offline.. Need admin access.. Ups is not setup right.

Glenn - during collaboration week, Glenn reset things at Mu2e building. Can talk to the long lost BeagleBone. Reached out to system experts about slow controls. Considering IP address space. (Eric) Pilot system has 3 distinct networks. In real system: lab network, DAQ network, controls network

DCS is a private network with connections on TDAQ nodes
TDAQ nodes

Control Network: Generic Linux traffic, EPICS receivers (10.226.10.XXX)
Data Network: Data transfer between DAQ nodes (10.226.9.XXX).. TDAQ nodes [3 interface.. No lab network]
Management Network: IPMI, Rack Monitors, HV Power Supplies, Network Switches, … (192.168.160.XXX)
Lab Network: Gateway nodes (Data Logger [4 interfaces], DCS nodes [4 interfaces -- connected to management network twice], Control Room nodes [1 interface])

Ryan -