TDAQ meeting

1. General status updates/Schedule review

Eric -- resurrected CFO interface library. Updated register space. Does not have run plan compiler yet. Checked out slow controls switches - submitted request to wire up PDUs and BeagleBones. Suggest we work on “rack (#7696), network, and PDU maps (#7696)” .. Dervin has idea of standardizing names. PDUs likely have a way to alias outlets. Network map means ip ⇒ ?.
Do we want nodes to have a static IP address? The switch could have port position recognition.
Does Tomo know the memory footprint of the online algorithm? This will affect our specs for the DAQ nodes! Let’s write this info in a doc and call it v1 of “Prepare Procurement & Specification Documents DP Prod Computers & Peripheral Mtl.”
Artdaq is updating.. So Tomo likely will want to update the Mu2e offline release to follow.
Eric will be gone the next 2 weeks!

Greg -- summarizing VTRx studies. Attempting a lifetime study. Take on sync experiment-wide context, and implied featured list needed for Avalance cards to be “ROCs”. Mechanical Integration meeting went through scenario of adding cooling to DAQ room: accept a hotter return temperature if need be. Will revisit in future. (Eric: equipment starts shutting down at 100deg)

Ron -- Learning CFO library.

Rick -- overtime VTRx transmitter may lose up to 2.5dB of headroom (according to Versatile Link app note). Note: a normal LC-male(fiber side) has magnetic components .. CERN uses a special connector (in app note). Will add to presentation. Have some sub-optimal place and routes for CFO and DTC, still trying to get deterministic placement. Tried CFO and DTC is same machine .. worked the first power cycle, but not the second time -- may need to identify type first.

Glenn -- Got some feedback that Steve Hays will handle Solenoid acnet monitoring/controls. Has at least one student that is willing to travel. Dorm openings?

Ryan -- Need to prepare procurement documents. Looking like 200G test is not necessary - should know this month. Purchase Request in for Mu2e Timing Cards.

2. Timing distribution updates
3. online Trigger Processing (including through DTC) progress/plans
4. Status of tests with detector subsystems
5. Rack protection & slow controls progress/plans