1. General status updates/Schedule review

John/Rick - went to precision technologies to check on Timing Card rework and new first articles. John does not have confidence. Going to deliver 5 with leaded solder. They were a bit hostile - tried to say it is fine - wanted to make 2 boards rather than 5.

Jose -- Working on adding retransmit feature. And been working to getting Wydclif up to speed. Also testing with Vivian and Greg the Data Request. First one works.. But not more through ots. Moved Vivian from daq06 to daq05.. But DTC on daq05 never locks. STM and Tracker will have to share until we have more hardware.

Greg -- spoke with Eric to try to resolve Data Request issues.. CFO emulator works better when instantiated close to where it is used in the code.

Eric --

Rick -- Testing timing cards and found one worked. Working on adding retransmit feature.

Tomo -- Working on artdaq demo and pull mode

Bertrand -- Realized some improvements on track trigger algorith putting us < 3ms. Working on writing a document for online data monitoring.

Glenn -- Could think about CRV startup steps.

Greg -- Overloading of word “Configure” is confusing. We should think through the “real experiment” startup procedure with pieces we have today.

Ryan -- Need to update a slide on states (not just transitions). Discussing with purchasing department on SAMTEC fireflies.

2. Test stand status

3. online Trigger Processing (including through DTC) progress/plans

4. Status of tests with detector subsystems

5. DCS/EPICS Rack protection & slow controls progress/plans
Glenn coming June 24.