1. General status updates/Schedule review
Eric -- working on test stand to fix DCS read packets. Thinks there are software issues

Lets add more features to the DCS packet and place the definition in Tomo’s document.

Glenn -- Found updates to EPICS (alarm and archiver)

Tomo -- about to rampup again

Bertrand -- Working on requirements document for operations.

Greg -- thinking about how to connect results from two ROCs

Jose -- working on DCS packets. Fixing and finding bugs with timestamp repeatability from link lock to lock

Rick -- Made new version of CFO firmware. Need to check loopback marker. Add chipscope to help debug DCS. Working on STM ROC on UltraScale SERDES.

2. Timing distribution work updates
3. online Trigger Processing (including through DTC) progress/plans
4. Status of tests with detector subsystems
5. Rack protection & slow controls progress/plans (dedicated DCS node at FCC)
6. Implications of short lived high data rates discussion. Handling documentation.
10ms of high rate discussion-- We need a document for hardware and software of overflow/backpressure mitigation.
artdaq -- does not request data when full. DTC -- does not request data when full. So ROC has to control overflow flag