-- Rick - Working on simulating retransmission, next in line is backpressure from DTC to DTC.. Checked that both modes are already supported: daisy chain and fanout RJ45. Mu2e summer student should help parallelize progress.

-- Eric
-- Greg - many discussions on subrun handling. Will try to summarize for Collaboration Meeting in the Trigger working group.

-- Ralf
-- Vivian -- gearing up for vertical slice test for Tracker. FCC DRAC is gone. New DRACs at FCC hopefully in next couple weeks.

-- Simon - working with Lei to make vertical slice test plan (especially remotely).

-- Karen - CM Integration working group will have subsystems look at bottlenecks/overflows based on Steve simulations.

-- Gary - How does “proton intensity profile” map to event data? Karen: May need offline sim. Ryan will try to refresh the system bottleneck slides.

-- Antonio demo. Greg -- how do we show system health (Ryan: grid of red/yellow/green will be useful here, automatically generating from configuration alsoe). Vivian - automatic use of artdaq metrics (by node, processes on node, etc.)