We agreed on a plan for the "Slow Controls" Pilot: We will get Epics running on one of the machines in the FCC3 open bay, and use Beaglebone Black as an IOC. This could lead to monitoring computer/environmental parameters.

Regarding end-to-end test, Rick has identified a few items to work on in the DTC that should get the data rate up. He is progressing on that but has competing priorities for a few more weeks.

PPD Operations will set aside $6k for GIZMO (ground alert/monitor)

The Electronics Integration team is going to have a session dedicated to the rack discussion "soon."

Reliability is becoming a big issue in Mu2e. And we are anticipating the the Tracker boards will be targets of scrutiny. We should keep in mind the concept of FITS (Failures in Time [billions of hours]) and look for this value on datasheets of components we are using. There are rumblings that this information will be required at CD-3 review.