Running on a single Pilot System node


First download and build the mu2e_artdaq code, by following the instructions here.
Log in to your test node and setup your software (Instructions here in two windows.


In your first window, run "". If your software is set up correctly, you should not have to enter any additional paths, and the software will start.

In your second window, execute the following series of commands: -M <sim_mode> [-f <sim_file>] init -N <run_number> start

The sim_mode parameter specifies a value for the DTCLIB_SIM_ENABLE variable. For running against hardware, this value should be 4, otherwise, use 1 for the Tracker, 2 for the Calorimeter, or 3 for the CRV.
The optional sim_file parameter is the full path to a file to be loaded into the DTC or simulator's memory. If this parameter is not specified, the system will attempt to read out the hardware (or simulator).
The run number should be an integer. Data files will be saved to /tmp by default, identified by this run number.

To stop the system, run " stop".